Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Field Trip: Chattanooga

We have good friends who live in Memphis (a long drive for us) who suggested that we all meet up in Chattanooga (a much shorter drive for us!) for spring break.  So we spent a very full and fun few days together in early March (and I'm just now getting around writing about it).  We slept in converted train cars at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.  We walked on a converted railway bridge over the Tennessee River.  We went to the Hunter Museum of American Art.  We went to the International Towing and Recovery Museum (oh yes, a museum full of tow trucks!).  We rode the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway.  We went to an IMAX movie about whales.  

And we spent a full day at the Tennessee Aquarium.  While Tim and our friends went at their younger kids' quicker pace, I hung back as N. and our friends' oldest daughter (8 years old) made their slow, methodical way through the exhibits, looking carefully at everything, reading plaques, examining sea life.  I took tons of pictures like this one of them poring over exhibits together.  N. really enjoyed spending time with another kid who likes to take it all in, who has a very long attention span like he does.    

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